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Here are a few Helpful Tips!

Art Guidelines

All client supplied, uploaded artwork should be submitted as Vector art (.eps, .ai.) or as high resolution .psd, .pdf, or .tiff (300 dpi min) with layers & transparent backgrounds.

Converting artwork from 72 dpi to 300 dpi will not yield good results & in most cases not useable.

The Direct to Garment Process

  • Review the art
    We look for anything in the artwork that may not translate well to the finished product. If we find something, we make expert recommendations to ensure the best outcome.

  • Pretreat
    Garment is coated over the print area with a solution that allows the ink to be printed on dark garments. The solution is then cured by heat prior to printing.

  • Print
    The printing process in DTG works much like your printer at home. Using an additional first step of a white base coat, the printer then recreates the color image.

  • Cure
    The garment is dried using high heat to seal the ink of the printed image.

  • Package
    Once the printing is completed, we pack the order and ship it to you.

Things to consider about DTG printing:

  • Direct to Garment pieces should be washed before first wear and always washed inside out in cold water, to keep the design from fading over time.

  • 100% cotton is the best material to use for DTG printing.

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